RX25 Sprinkler

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  • Inlet connection: 1” male thread
  • Controllable the rotational velocity
  • Better distribution uniformity than the impact sprinkler
  • Fewer driven parts and therefore fewer parts depreciation

RX25 armless sprinkler is a novel product of VISPAR with special technology for rotation of the gun. Thanks to the impactless feature of the sprinkler and rotation just for the centrifugal forces of throwing water from the nozzles, more uniform water distribution and longer life for spare parts can be obtained compared to the impact sprinklers. Besides, the rotational velocity of the sprinkler can be controlled.

It is worth mentioning that all of the VISPAR sprinklers are tested before delivering to the customers and have a one-year limited Warranty to ensure the quality of them. Also, all of their spare parts can be obtained from VISPAR’s representatives.


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