SR30 Sprinkler

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With two types of dual spray and triple spray nozzles

Inlet connection: 1” female thread


  • Throw radius: 19 to 27 meters as per ISO 7749-1
  • 88 percent distribution uniformity
  • Radius of throw: 22-27 mm
  • With brass and stainless steel body

SR30 sprinkler is ISIRI certified and approved by Agro-water and soil affairs of the Ministry of Agriculture-Jihad. It is worth mentioning that all of the VISPAR sprinklers are tested before delivering to the customers and have one-year limited Warranty to ensure the quality of them. Also, all of their spare parts can be obtained from VISPAR’s representatives. SR30 sprinkler have satisfying distribution uniformity and for alfalfa and tomato farms where water distribution uniformity is a significant factor they can be used 20 to 23 meters apart within rows.


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