About PBA

Paya Baspar Arya, enjoying more than twelve years of successful experience, is a leading manufacturer of irrigation equipment in Iran. We believe in efficient use of water in agricultural, environmental and industrial sectors.
Our factory with an area of 15,000 m² and more than 350 employees is located in Hamadan, Iran. Our 45 production lines have reached a production capacity of 12 tons per day. Our products include different fittings, layflat hose, layflat fittings, PVC ball valves, butterfly valves, clamp saddles, PVC risers, aluminum risers, quick coupling valves, sprinklers, sprinkler tripods and PC drippers.
Thanks to our expert staff and management, application of the latest technology, high quality row material and customer-oriented approach, we take pride in both playing a key role in Iran’s irrigation market and exporting our products to the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

We are pleased to announce VISPAR as our brand name.

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Floor 6, No. 19, Unique building, Alvand St., Argentina Sq., Tehran, Iran

(+98 21) 42407000

Email: info@vispar.co


Bu Ali Industrial Town, Hamedan, Iran

Hamedan Office

No. 5, Floor 9, Pastor Tower, Hamedan, Hamadan Province

(+98 81) 38327291